2008 Christmas Gift Buyers Guide

2008 Christmas Gift Buyers Guide

Chris   November 30, 2008  
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Christmas is just around the corner, and you might be having a hard time finding some great gifts. Hopefully this Christmas buyers guide will give you the help you need. The first link will point you to more information about the tool, the second link take you to a store where you can buy the tool. For more gift ideas, look through our tool reviews, and tool blog.

$20 and under

Spring Tools Nail Set - You can easily set nails without the need of a hammer. $10.03 at

Dura-GRIT - Get long lasting cutting power out of these cool rotary cutting wheels. About $15 each at

SandDevil - Use  21" belts from your belt sander to do some sanding by hand. $19.99 at

$45 - $75

Skil Cordless Power Cutter - Features a circular rotating blade that allows it to cut through materials up to 1/4" thick.$45.72 at

EasyClean Paintbrush - You no longer have to hassle with cleaning your paintbrushes. Just attach the brush to your hose, and it gets cleaned from the inside out. $48.95 at

Lift-n-lok - A better toolbox. No latches, no catches, no fuss. $59.95 at

FinalCut - The 10" saw blade that cuts and sands at the same time. $74.95 at

Clam Clamp - An easy way to clamp two 45-degree miters. Look Ma no hands. $75 at

$100 - $200

Dremel Multi-Max - Offers do-it-yourselfers and pros a versatile and effective multitasking tool for cutting and sanding. $100 at

Bosch Laser Measurer - Measure up to 165 feet away with an accuracy +/- 1/16" $121.29 at

Cadex 23 Gauge Nailer - Nail all your delicate projects without the worry of splitting.$199.95 at

Veto Tool Bags - Keep all you hand tools organized in one of their great tool bags. $119.95 - $199.95 at

$500 and up

Milwaukee 12" Miter Saws - Cut your trim using a professional grade miter saw. The only saws that features a digital angle readout. $504 - $640 at

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