Why You Need A Drill In Your Kitchen

Why You Need A Drill In Your Kitchen
Chris   September 05, 2014  
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Pepper Drill

Kitchen science wizard and gadget lover, Alton Brown, shows us why it is ok to mix kitchen tools and power tools. After realizing hand grinding large amounts of black pepper with a standard pepper mill is just too much work, he figures there must be a better way.

What he came up with is the Pepper Mill Drill, an idea so simple we wonder why we hadn’t thought of it ourselves. By attaching a DeWalt cordless drill to the shaft of the pepper mill he can grind all the black pepper he needs with little effort on his part. (see video)

Since we all know that freshly ground pepper is way better than the pre-ground stuff you get at the store, his contraption is a real time saver for large dinners. So get out your drill and your pepper mill and give this a go.