A Shelf For Your Portable Scaffold

A Shelf For Your Portable Scaffold
Chris   August 14, 2013  
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Roughneck Scaffolding Shelf

Working from a scaffold can already be a challenge, being confined to a small footprint with a drop-off only a few feet away. And as tough as it might be, adding heavy tools into the mix makes it that much harder. So why not add a shelf to your scaffold and save yourself some trouble?

The Roughneck Scaffolding Shelf was designed to mount directly to a portable scaffold and uses the existing attachment points found in Perry and other similar style portable scaffolds. It appears to be built just a well as a scaffold and uses quick release pins for easy adjustment. A plywood shelf is removable and held in place with similar pins. Some people might be tempted to use the shelf to get an extra reach, but it is clearly labeled "Not A Step!", so that solves that—right?

Update: The inventor provides some more information about the Scaffold Shelf in the comments below.

The scaffold shelf also is hinged. So it folds up for easier transporting from job to job in your vehicle. It will fit any baker scaffold that has holes in the ladder frames: Perry, BilJax, MetalTech, Indy, Granite, Sonny, A-1 Scaffold and Plank, Fortress, UST and all Chinese generic scaffolds. - Shane Taylor

The Roughneck Scaffold Shelf cost about $70 and is available at Northern Tool BUY