A More Ergonomic Shovel Seeks Funding ON Kickstarter

A More Ergonomic Shovel Seeks Funding ON Kickstarter
Chris   October 18, 2013  
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A More Ergonomic Shovel Seeks Funding ON Kickstarter

Yes, just days after complaining about all the email I get about Kickstarter projects, I am writing about another Kickstarter project. But like I said, everyone once in a while we come across something that looks like a good idea. Today that idea is a more ergonomic shovel.

While the shovel has remained pretty much unchanged for years, it doesn't mean there aren't improvements to be made. The new shovel from Bosse Tools offers a couple of new design features that they say can prevent injury by improving how we use the tool. A rotating center handle makes it possible to customize your grip for the task at hand, thus eliminating strain on your wrist, elbow, and back. While a typical shovel has footholds on either side of the shovel shaft, the Bosse Shovel has one large foothold that is located in the center to direct the force down, and not to the side.

I do not have to dig often, but when I do, I hate it. The Bosse Shovel looks like it could save me some frustration. I like the idea of the rotating center handle that can be locked into the most convenient position, but I wonder how well its location will fit people of different heights.

$65 could get you 1 Bosse Tools Shovel (spade, flat head, or snow), but there is only 5 days left of funding.

Bosse Tools Shovel - Kickstarter