ZipLit: The LED Light For Your Zipper

ZipLit: The LED Light For Your Zipper

Chris   July 14, 2010  
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ZipLitHow often do you say to yourself, “If only I had a light on my jacket zipper, I could [insert fun task here]”? I know I say it at least 4 or 5 times a day. OK, maybe I have never said it, but I know that you know that a small flashlight on your zipper would come in handy. Having a light on hand - or in this case - on zipper, is more then just convenient, it could actually save your life.

My Father was on a job a few years ago where some environmentalist wackos broke in during the night and placed booby traps throughout the jobsite. One of the worst was a loaded bear trap set up inside an electrical room. In the morning when it was still dark, the electrician went to turn on the power and he almost stepped right on the trap. He got lucky and missed the trap, but if he had a light, he probably would have seen it. Ever since then, I always carry a flashlight with me on the job.

The ZipLit is a small light that is attached to a durable cord loop. You can easily attach it to your jacket, backpack, purse, etc. The LED light is housed in a water-resistant plastic housing, with an easy to use on/off twist switch. The ZipLit is sold as a two pack, which included extra batteries, for just over $5 for the set. You can pick up a set of Red or White ZipLit lights.

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