Work Horse: Expandable Saw Horse Balancing Act

Work Horse: Expandable Saw Horse Balancing Act

Chris   July 31, 2009  
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Like most of you tool blog readers, I really like it when a completely new design of an old tool comes along. It doesn't even have to be a complex tool for me to get excited, just a different take. Such is the case with the Work Horse. It is not that other saw horses don't already do the same thing, but the Work Horse offers a new and unique design.

Using just a few scrap 2x4's, you can have a saw horse at just about any length. You don't have to worry about cutting through your saw horses anymore. With its replaceable 2x4 top you can cut through all you want. Add a piece of plywood on the bottom and you have yourself a nice shelf. It has all the features you would need. The Work Horse is similar in function to the Trojan TS-35 Folding Saw Horse

You can pick up the Work Horse at for $69.99

Thanks to user PutnamEco for posting this in the Tool Rank forum.