WoodWerks Debuts The Festool Test Drive Center

WoodWerks Debuts The Festool Test Drive Center

Chris   February 03, 2011  
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Many tool stores have a few of their tools out of the box and on display so you can get a better look and feel, but how much information can you really gather from a tool that is tethered to the display case? It is when you actually get to use the tool that you really begin to understand what it is capable of. The idea behind the Festool Test Drive Center is simple enough; provide access to the tools, and let people use them. WoodWerks wants people to have usable access to the tools so they can better understand them; let the customer make cuts with the Kapex miter saw, let them test out the drills to find out which one they need. This is a step in the right direction, and yet another area where the big box stores fail us. The Festool Test Drive Center can only be found at WoodWerks in Columbus Ohio right now, but if it is successful, it seems likely that it will make its way to other Festool dealers.

Side Note: WoodWerks will be holding their Woodworking Expo this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and Festool is bringing all of their new 2011 products to show off. If you live in the Columbus Ohio area, you might want to check it out. There will also be demos of the following new tools:

  • Rotex RO 90 DX Multi-mode Sander
  • RO 90 DX Accessories
  • WCR 1000 Dust Extractor Workcenter
  • UG-Kapex, a wheeled miter saw stand
  • T-Loc Systainers