Woodpeckers One Time Run Aluminum T-Squares

Woodpeckers One Time Run Aluminum T-Squares

Chris   November 23, 2010  
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Woodpeckers, makers of precision woodworking tools, has announced that for this week only they will be accepting orders for some pretty cool limited run T-Squares. The squares are machined from solid billet aircraft grade aluminum and can be purchased in both metric and imperial sizes. Each square is machined with precision in mind and features micro-fine 1mm holes that the tip of a pencil can fit through. These holes are spaced 1/32nd of an inch apart for the imperial version, .5mm apart for the metric version and run the length of the the square. Users are able to use the holes in the squares to accurately draw layout lines for mortises, tenons, cabinet hardware, and much more.

If you are interested in ordering one of these, they are available in 3", 6", 75mm and 150mm sizes, starting at $29.99. Orders will be accepted until Friday November 26th 2010.

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