Why Makita updated its tool look.

Why Makita updated its tool look.

Chris   March 20, 2008  
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This is a very interesting read from They talk about why Makita after so many years, updated the look of their tools. Be sure to look at the before and after photos.

"With one of the project’s goals being to increase the Latino customer base, HLB learned that brighter, more colorful schemes would be preferred over quiet, subtle ones by this demographic. The result was combining Makita’s traditional teal with the use of more silver metallic.

Designers also used customer feedback to develop a concept that looked new, stronger, lightweight, and high-speed without completely abandoning some of the traditional elements that customers liked. HLB and Makita describe the finished design as sleek and aggressive with an almost sinister feel. The use of chrome also helps from a retail perspective in bringing, according to HLB, more “eye-catching American flair”. So from an aesthetic perspective, the re-design delivered strong results." -


Makita wanted to better compete with the other major power tool brands, and they wanted a new look, but they also wanted to stay true to Makita. Makita's plan was to hook you with the new look, and to hold on to you with the quality of the tools.

 Now I have been a fan of Makita tools for a long time now. My boss had one of the very first 12 volt makita impacts. My very first drill was a Makita, and still use it to this day(today even). I have known the quilty of their tool to be very good. Too me it doesnt really matter what the tool looks like as long as it works well; but I do have to admit, I like the looks of their newer tools. Too bad for me, my batteries are in their last days. The next time my local tool store has a sale, I will have to buy a new impact and drill set. I know, It is sad. Maybe my mom can get some use out of my old set.