Who Needs Math When You Have A Sector?

Who Needs Math When You Have A Sector? Hot

Chris   May 26, 2011  
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Math gets in the way of great woodworking projects. Yeah, I know it might be hard for some of you to believe, but amazing looking furniture was being built long before the masses knew the wonders a+b=c and all that jazz. Sure a tape measure comes in handy when you need to divide 73-3/16 by 5, but that is only because we were never taught the ways of old.

So what can replace a tape measure and the knowledge math? How about two sticks and a hinge, or what is commonly known as a "sector". So we know a sector can replace (in some cases) the knowledge of math, but we still need the knowledge of how to use a sector. Chris Schwarz from FineWoodworking has a quick video to get us started on some of its capabilities, and another video on how to make such a device, but any true knowledge seeker needs to read the 'Secret of the Sector' article from the June 2011 issue of FWW.

FWW & FWW via JLC Forums

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