Wera Screwdriver Shows Its Flex

Wera Screwdriver Shows Its Flex

Chris   July 28, 2010  
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wera 392 flexible bitholder

Ready to be the envy of all the other guys at work, and still have skin left on your knuckles? Say you find yourself trying to drive a screw that is too close to a wall or other obstruction; what do you do? Normally you would try to drive the screw with your screwdriver at an angle, and lose a bit of skin against the wall in the process. This sometimes gets the job done, but often ends up stripping the head of the screw at the same time. A right angle driver might be a solution to this problem, but it will still leave the driver tip a good distance away from the wall. I believe the correct answer would be to use a flexible shaft, like the 392 Flexible Shaft bit holding screwdriver from Wera. Its flexible head allows users to screw or unscrew without having a direct line of sight to the screw. It accepts all standard 1/4” bit tips, so even those specialty screws will be no match. For under $20 you can own this German engineered bit holding screwdriver complete with a lifetime warranty.

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