WeedEater One Compact Riding Mower

WeedEater One Compact Riding Mower

Chris   February 19, 2010  
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I typically do not cover landscaping tools, but there is a first for everything and I know people have an interest in anything that will make life easier or more enjoyable.

The grass in my yard is starting to come out hibernation and getting to the point where it needs to be cut. Probably like many of you, mowing is not something I enjoy; for some reason I do not like pushing a mower when it is 100 degrees in the summer.

The WeedEater One riding mower looks like it was designed for people like me in mind. It is much smaller then a typical riding mower at only 36 inches in width, which should be well suited for people with a good sized yard. Even at a much smaller size, it still has features you might not expect, like an electric start with a pull start backup, cruise control, and reverse. Most push mowers use a blade size of about 20 inches, but because the WeedEater One uses a larger 26 inch blade it should significantly cut down on your mowing time. Pushing the compact mower is a 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine. The WeedEater One is priced at about $750 which is not cheap compared to a push mower, but is much lower then the typical $1000 riding mower low end price.

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