Use A Library Card To Check Out Tools

Use A Library Card To Check Out Tools

Chris   July 30, 2012  
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Not everyone can afford (or has the space) to go out and buy every single book they need or want to read, so a community library is a great way for many people to take turns using a single book. What if we took this same concept to other things we only use occasionally? Like tools?

The Oakland Public Library has started a program that offers such a service. You can go into the Oakland Library, sign up for their tool lending program, and start borrowing the tools you need to get your projects done. And just like borrowing books, the rental is free. You are limited to borrowing tools for only four days at a time, but unless the tool is in high demand, you have to option to extend your borrowing time.

What is surprising is the selection of tools offered. I would say that the majority of tools being offered are hand tools, but they have everything from awls to a water level, and even electrical test equipment. They also have a selection of routers, sanders, saws, and even an oscillating multi-tool. I am sure the self-leveling laser is a popular tool.

So is this something you want your library to offer, or will you stick to the rental yard?

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