Two Senco Metal Connector Nailers Coming In 2012

Two Senco Metal Connector Nailers Coming In 2012
Chris   December 08, 2011  
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Two Senco Metal Connector Nailers Coming In 2012

Senco hasn't been on the radar much lately, though they made a pretty big splash with the introduction of their cordless Fusion line of nail guns a while back. However, it looks like Senco has several products they will be introducing in 2012, and they are starting with a couple of metal connector nailers.

Coming in February 2012, Senco has two new JoistPro nailers that drive .131" to .162" diameter 34-degree paper tape collated nails. The JoistPro 150 takes only 1-1/2" single strip nails, but the tool's nose exposes the nail tip to make nail placement a breeze. Offering a nail size range of 1-1/2" to 2-1/2" single strip nails, the JoistPro 250 uses a nose-piece probe to locate the hole in the metal connectors. When the 250 is fired, the nose-piece is moved out of the away while allowing a guide to direct the nail correctly into place. Both guns offer a 360-degrees adjustable exhaust port, dry-fire lockout that keeps you from shooting blanks, and an adjustable rafter hanger. There are some obvious tradeoffs between the two guns with the 150 offering a smaller size of 10.4" and a weight of 4.6 pounds, and the 250 offering a variable nail size range.

The JoistPro 150 has an MSRP of $219, and the JoistPro 250 is at $299. Look for the nailers anywhere Senco tools are sold.



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