True Value Swift Driver Is The New Kobalt Double Drive Screwdriver

True Value Swift Driver Is The New Kobalt Double Drive Screwdriver

Chris   April 03, 2012  
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Were you wondering what happened to the Kobalt Double Drive screwdriver? They used to be advertised all over TV, but now they are not even listed on the Lowe's website. Well the tool is back, just under a new name and at a new location.

Ratchet Solutions is the company behind the Velocity Driver or what we knew as the Double Drive, but it looks like they have parted ways with Lowe's and have now teamed up with True Value hardware stores to bring the screwdriver back as the Master Mechanic Swift Driver. Besides a change in color, the tool looks exactly the same. But more importantly, the tool functions the same.

The Swift Driver (Velocity Driver) is unique in that it can drive a screw in one direction no matter the direction you turn the driver handle. As you turn your hand clockwise to drive a screw, the driver also spins clockwise, but then when you turn the screwdriver counterclockwise, the driver will still turn clockwise. To unscrew you just have to flip a switch and the same back and forth hand movements will move the driver counterclockwise.

The Swift Driver will be available this May from True Value and will retail for $24.99. The 29 piece Swift Driver Kit includes 7 Phillips bits, 3 slotted, 3 square recess, 4 star, 6 SAE nut driver bits, a flexible extension, plus the driver and bit case. The Swift Driver is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Update: I just want to clarify that the Swift Driver is not a replacement or reincarnation of the Kobalt Double Drive sold by Lowe's. It is a separate product by Master Mechanic that will be sold by True Value.

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