Trim Clip Miter Clip For Tight Miters

Trim Clip Miter Clip For Tight Miters
Chris   August 27, 2012  
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Trim Clip Miter Clip For Tight Miters

A miter joint that is tight with no gaps is what sets the pro's apart from the amateurs. One way to ensure that your miters are looking their best is to align them with a clamp before you try and nail them together. But you can't just use any clamp, and that's where the Trim Clip Miter Clip comes in.

The Miter Clip has been designed specifically for clamping together miter joints and does so using a couple of metal gripping points and a reverse cam mechanism. When you squeeze the two handles together the cam mechanism is engaged and closes the miter. The two points ensure that the clamp doesn't slip, and a notch at the back of the clamp aligns each miter. After the clamp has been set you can flip it up so you have easier access to nail your joint together.

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