Town Bans Power Tools On Sunday

Town Bans Power Tools On Sunday

Chris   September 02, 2009  
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A recently passed bylaw by the town of Granby, Quebec has the power tool community in an uproar. A 7-2 vote by the city council has banned all use of construction power tools on Sunday, despite objections by local citizens, contractors, and 1,500 petition signatures

"Every time we make a bylaw it's usually because the minority is not respecting the majority," said Granby Mayor Richard Goulet.

The problem is the bylaw was touted as a anti-noise regulation, yet the use of lawnmowers is still permitted. The other issue is the fact that now local residents have only Saturday to accomplish all of their house repairs and other home projects that require the use of power tools.

Disobey the law, and you are looking at a fine up to $1000