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Chris   October 16, 2009  
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The problem with tools is we all want more of them. The other problem is we never have enough money. Here at Tool-Rank we try to keep you up to date with the latest deals, promotions, hot deals from the forum, etc, but we can't find you the best price on everything.

This is where comes in to play. They take the hassle out of comparison shopping by listing each tool with a number of different stores and their respective prices. Now with a quick search you can find out the prices much faster.

While they are currently listing over 90,000 tools, from 500 brands, through 11 different venders, the price comparison list for most tools is pretty small. Most tools only list one or two prices from the different online stores. We can give then a pass right now because they are still in beta, but hopefully when makes its way out of Beta they will have more pricing options, and more venders.

The next time you are comparison shopping, you might want to give them a try.