Tools: Price vs Quality

Tools: Price vs Quality

Chris   April 13, 2009  
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A reader had a great idea for a poll. He wants to know the criteria you use when purchasing a new tool. Each one of us has different things we look for in a tool, but for the most part it comes down to Price vs Quality.

Some people are willing to spend whatever it takes to ensure a top of the line tool that will last forever. At the opposite end are people that buy the cheapest tool, and then replace it every time it breaks. Most of us are somewhere in between weighing out price vs quality.

I, for the most part, am willing to spend more for a tool I know I will be using a lot. For cordless tools my thinking changes a little. I know that newer battery technology, as well and power to weight changes frequently. Therefore I buy cordless tools, and usually replace the batteries once during its time with me. After that, I consider if it is worth it to buy more batteries, or step up to a newer tool.

What do you do?