ToolRank Picks Favorites

ToolRank Picks Favorites

Chris   May 23, 2011  
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ToolRankPickI thought I would share with you some of the tools that I think are so great that they deserve to be placed on a separate list for extra recognition. These tools have become my personal favorites, and some I even use daily on the job. Not all of these tools have come out with a perfect score, but they are all great tools that fill a gap or solve a problem. Some tools might not even make the list until months down the road, until I have discovered or realized their greatness, and others I will know right away.

Each one of these special tools will get a cool little badge so that you can easily recognize their greatness, and next to the badge will be a little description explaining why they made the list. Getting on the list will not be easy, and as of now I can only recognize 5 tools.

Be sure to click on the links to see why I have chosen these tools. To see the list at any time you can use the ToolRank Pick link from the Categories column on the right.

*I have a few more in my head that may or may not make the list.

Note to manufacturers: Don't even bother asking to get your tools on this list. I pick what I like based on my own experiences using the tools. If you even want a chance, you have to make a really really great tool, something unique, or something that solves an everyday problem. Even then there is no guarantee.