To Repair Or Not To Repair?

To Repair Or Not To Repair?

Chris   November 18, 2008  
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Just a question I have, and some thoughts on the subject.

Do you repair your broken tools, or do you replace them? Probably for every one of us there is a point at which we find a tool takes too much effort to repair, and decide to replace it. Maybe it has nothing to do with effort at all, but price, or even a combination of the two. But with more and more tools being made in China, or Mexico, you can't help but notice that the quality of tools has been suffering. Maybe now more then ever is the best time to repair that older tool that just seems better.

I am in this same predicament myself. I have a Porter-Cable Saw Boss that I just love to use, but it has a bent base. I tried to straighten it myself, but was unsuccessful at completely fixing the problem; though it is better then it was before. A new base for the saw costs around $40, and it is not a bad price, but what happens if the base gets bent again? Considering I didn't bend the base in the first place, there is no telling how long a new base would last.

What I really want is an upgraded version of the Saw Boss from Porter-Cable with a Magnesium base. It's the only way I can see to fix the problem.

Ahh to dream. :)