Thread Detective Nut & Bolt Size Gauge

Thread Detective Nut & Bolt Size Gauge

Chris   January 17, 2011  
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I was pretty rough on Rockler the last time I mentioned them, but they are still one of my favorite tool stores because they still have some of the coolest products; products like the Thread Detective. Unless you have a nut and bolt in every size, or some other type of measuring gauge, you have probably found it difficult to find out the sizes you need when trying to match other nuts and bolts. The Thread Detective offers a simple and very effective way to find out the size you need by giving you a bunch of labeled nuts and bolts to test it on. Yup, its that easy. The Thread Detective is made up of double sided gauges that have a portion of thread on one end and a matching threaded hole inside the handle. So you don't lose any of the gauges, each set is kept together with thin metal cable.

The Thread Detective comes with 14 measuring gauges for Standard, or 11 gauges for Metric. Both can be had for about $15 each.

[:cicn:] Rockler Thread Dective

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