The UBP Cordless Power Backpack

The UBP Cordless Power Backpack

Chris   June 15, 2010  
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For those of you that rely completely on cordless tools, you know the importance of having plenty of extra batteries on hand; one battery just wont do. You can buy extra batteries at $100 or more each, or you can go a completely different route with the Ultimate Battery Power, or UBP for short. The UBP is an all-in-one solution for people that need more run time then your standard battery pack can offer. It has the capacity of 3.5 batteries at the cost of only around 2 batteries.

The UBP works by replacing your cordless tool's battery pack with their own hollow pack that connects to either the UBP backpack or the UBP belt system. The UBP system essentially replaces the battery from the tool and moves it to your back, and multiplies it by 3.5. At $199 for each system, the kit will power over 53 different power tools and give your a continuous run time of over an hour and a half. The biggest advantage of a system like this, is the ability to move from brand to brand without having to change batteries or carry around a charger for each brand. See the video after the Read More

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