The Smallest Pry Bar I Have Even Seen

The Smallest Pry Bar I Have Even Seen

Chris   June 17, 2010  
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Have you ever found yourself using your keys as a pry bar in a moment of desperation? I know I have. This is not one of the best ideas, that is soon realized when your keys no longer work; but we work with what we have. The Micro Widgy Bar is the smallest pry I have ever seen, with a length of only 3”. If I had it on my key ring, my keys would be in much better shape – Live and learn. The Micro Widgy is the little bro to the OG Pocket Widgy, which was commissioned by Uncle Sam to be used by technicians for opening ordinance crates in the field. Both models are made of D9 hardened steel which is a lot stronger then the brass keys are made of. Did I mention these are made in the USA. Pick up yours today for only $5.50.

[:cicn:] CountyComm