The Perfect Bungee Lasts A Lifetime

The Perfect Bungee Lasts A Lifetime

Chris   January 25, 2011  
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The Perfect Bungee Lasts A Lifetime; this is not just the title of today's blog, it is also the warranty and the name of the bungee in question. The Perfect Bungee makes use of the latest in technology, and brings us a new bungee that they can withstand a lifetime of UV rays, extreme weather, and even many of the chemicals found around your house. Most bungee cords on the market today are made of rubber and can not withstand any of the conditions mentioned above. The Perfect Bungee is made of polyurethane, one of today's modern marvels. We normally see polyurethane in a hard form of some kind or used as a glue, but the folks over at Just Ducky Products seem to have mastered its flexible side. Not only is The Perfect Bungee strong, but it can also be safely stretched to twice its length and always return to its original length. The Perfect Bungee comes in a number of different colors and lengths, but they also have a few end choices. For non-marring applications they have cords with nylon ends, while heavy duty users will be happy to find galvanized ends as the second option, third, they have a looped end.

The Just Ducky Products website lists a number of retailers for the Perfect Bungee, but to give an idea on the price, [:cicn:] Bass Pro Shop sells the 16.5" length for just under $5. Did we mention these are made in the USA?

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