The One Man Loadable Jobsite Box

The One Man Loadable Jobsite Box
Chris   May 04, 2011  
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VAULT™ by Rescue 42 (fire/rescue)

Being a good construction worker often requires a lot of tools, but taking all of those tools to the jobsite everyday then bringing them home again can be a pain. The other option is to leave your tools on the job in a lockable jobsite box. The second method is what many of us use, but if you are a one-man-band, moving, loading, and unloading a large jobsite box can be darn near impossible. Though thanks to the Vault by Rescue 42, any one person can enjoy the safety of a jobsite box.

The Vault is a large jobsite box that is weather resistant, lockable and has four wheels for easy movement. It has almost 17 cubic feet of storage and is constructed out of durable lightweight aluminum. These features are not that uncommon, but what makes the Vault unique, and single person friendly, is its built in lift and transport system. The Vault has a built in scissor-lift to make loading a breeze, and a mounting system that connects directly to your trucks tow hitch. With this setup a single person can easily transport a fully loaded jobsite box to and from the jobsite. And you can still choose to leave or take your tools home everyday.

The Vault can be purchased in a few different styles, with the base model starting at just under $2000.

Rescue 42 Vault

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