The Colbert Report's View On A SawStop Mandate

The Colbert Report's View On A SawStop Mandate

Chris   February 20, 2012  
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The other day The Colbert Report did a segment about the growing of the nanny state and people who are destroying America. His target in the episode was SawStop and the inventor Steve Gass, "Who's do gooding dun gone do bad", as Colbert puts it. Should people have the right to by cheaper tools knowing that they may get injured if they use the tool incorrectly, or should we be forced to purchase a more expensive saw on the chance that we might make contact with the blade? Do we want a country that believes in freedom of choice, or do we want to be told what is best for us? In the video below, a table saw user feels he should have the right to be able to cut off his own finger.


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