Stabila Turns 120 Years Old

Stabila Turns 120 Years Old

Chris   November 23, 2009  
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stabila 120 black edition

You might not have known it, but 2009 marks the 120th year Stabila has been in business. Stabila was founded by the Ullrich brothers in 1889 as the “Meter Factory” whose claim to fame was the invention of the folding rule. It is pretty amazing that Stabila has not only been around for over 100 years, but that they were able to survive through both World Wars. Then again, for all I know the wars could have helped more then hurt them.

When people think of Stabila, we automatically think of levels. But even though Stabila didn't start making levels until 1979 they chose to honor their 120 year old history with some limited edition Black Anniversary Levels. In fact, these Black levels are so limited I could only find one store online that sells them. If you are in the mood to celebrate with Stabila, you can pick up a Black Edition 24” 48” or 78”/32” Jamber Set for a little more then your normal yellow Stabila.

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