Snagg RFID Tags Could Help Recover Stolen Tools

Snagg RFID Tags Could Help Recover Stolen Tools
Chris   October 10, 2012  
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What Is Snagg?
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We all hate when tools go missing, which is why I am always on the lookout for ways to prevent or recover stolen tools. I wrote a guide on ways to prevent tool theft and previously suggested that small GPS devices on large tools might aid in recovery. But what about smaller tools, could small RFID tags be the answer?

You have probably heard of RFID technology, your pet might even have an RFID chip embedded under its skin. A company named Snagg is on a mission to make this technology available to the masses so that it can be used to recover missing tools in the same way it is used to recover lost pets. The Snagg tag is about the same size as a grain of rice which means that it can be epoxied to even small hand tools. Each Snagg RFID tag is registered to the owner along with the tools model number, serial, and more. When the tool goes missing Snagg sends out an alert with this info to their network of police and pawn shops to help with identifying your missing tool, then the tool can be scanned with an RFID reader as final verification.

Snagg tags are not limited to use in tools and are also commonly installed on bikes, electronics and guitars. One guitar manufacturer even installs a Snagg tag in each one of their guitars during the manufacturing process.

You can pick up a Snagg RFID retrofit kit for about $25 which includes epoxy, a mixing stick, a small drill bit and instructions, or you can get a five pack for $100.