Sears Tool Catalog Goes Interactive

Sears Tool Catalog Goes Interactive

Chris   March 20, 2010  
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There is nothing like the joy you experience when you look through a new tool catalog for the first time. You flip a page, see the tool of your dreams, then imagine all of the things you could build if only you owned it. Sure it sounds pretty pathetic, but it does make us happy.

Sears is taking the catalog to an all new level with their new interactive online catalog. While their typical print catalog features 2,500 tools that we would all love to own, their enhanced online interactive catalog has more then 40,000 tools to choose from and 1,200 online exclusives. Sure we can be happy with just a bigger catalog, but the Sears Interactive Catalog is much more; also featuring handy instructional videos, tool selectors, garage planers, etc. I was even surprised to see a video from TheWoodWhisperer about an Earlex HVLP sprayer in the catalog.

Be sure to Check it out for yourself. Sears Interactive Catalog

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