Scotch Tough Duct Tapes Help Winterize Your Home

Scotch Tough Duct Tapes Help Winterize Your Home

Chris   February 16, 2011  
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This might be a little late in the season for some people, but Scotch has some duct tapes that they say will help keep you dry, warm, and help keep the elements out in the elements. Sure Scotch is trying to sell you some tape, but I know a storm is hitting the west coast, and these tapes might be what you need to help prevent some unwanted issues.

Scotch_Full-LineScotch Tough Duct Tape – Heavy Duty All-Weather is designed for long-term or permanent exterior repairs and resists drying, cracking and peeling caused by tough outdoor elements like cold and moisture – making it ideal for tough outdoor repairs in extreme conditions. Use it to:
  • Repair outdoor items
  • Secure plastic coverings to outdoor furniture for protection during the winter months

Scotch Tough Duct Tape – Extreme Hold features rugged woven material and a double-thick adhesive layer – making it ideal for demanding repairs. Its waterproof barrier helps it adhere securely under the most extreme winter weather conditions for tough projects and repairs. Use it to:

  • Bundle loads of wood during the winter months

Scotch Tough Duct Tape – Outdoor Painter's Clean Removal sticks to rough surfaces like brick and stucco. It features a waterproof backing and removes cleanly for up to 14 days from most surfaces. Use it to:

  • Moisture-proof doors & windows
  • Seal a variety of exterior surfaces during the winter months – including glass, vinyl, metal, concrete and finished wood.

If the tapes above aren't enough for your needs, the full Scotch line includes No Residue, Transparent, Extreme Hold, Heavy Duty All-Weather, Poly Hanging & Tarps and Outdoor Painter's Clean Removal.

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