Say Bye Bye Tape Measure... At Least Half The Time

Say Bye Bye Tape Measure... At Least Half The Time

Chris   July 20, 2009  
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Say hello to the SawGear. New Bedford Tool & Gauge Co. has introduced a brand new automated miter saw accessory that should eliminate some of those costly measuring errors. Sure, they say measure twice, cut once. But that doesn't work, if you misread your tape measure both times.

The SawGear is basically an automated material stop for your miter saw. You simply enter your material measurement into the control panel, and the SawGear will automatically move the material stop to the correct location. By entering the width of your material, the SawGear can compensate for cutting outside miters even though you have entered the inside dimension. If you use the SawGear in conjunction with your Bosch laser range finder, you should have even greater accuracy.

The part I really like, is the fact that it can be mounted on just about any miter stand, and can be used on either the right or left side of the saw, depending on preference. The SawGear comes in both an 8-foot or 12-foot kit. SawGear is offering an AWFS special price of just under $2500 for the 8-foot kit, and $2700 for the 12-foot kit. After July 31the prices will go up to $3000 and $3200.  Video After the Read More.