Sawnson Introduces New Lightning Lighted Levels

Sawnson Introduces New Lightning Lighted Levels

Chris   April 22, 2010  
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We have all been in situations where we just can't read the vials in our levels. Sometimes the room is just to dark, but often it can be as simple as an inconvenient shadow. If only levels had built in lights we would never have this problem. Well, there are a couple brands that offer levels with lights, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for one more.

The Lightning is the latest level from Swanson Tool Co. to offer on-level vial lighting. The level has three vials that are all lit with long lasting LEDs that run on only two AAA batteries. A push of a button turns the lights on and off, and an automatic shut off feature will kick in after 10 minutes of non-use. This box beam level has an accuracy of .0005 inch per foot, so you know you are getting a tool that is

made for the pros. Some other features include a V-groove added on one side of the level to make sure you are centered when leveling any round stock, and a channel-groove added to the opposite side for leveling square corner stock.

The Swanson Lightning levels will be available in 24” (BLL240) and 48” (BLL480) sizes for around $45 and $65 dollars. What, you want magnets? Add an extra $10 to those prices and you can get the magnetic versions that use strong rare earth neodymium magnets (BLL24M & BLL48M).