Runaway Saw Blade Cuts Into House

Runaway Saw Blade Cuts Into House

Chris   April 20, 2010  
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It's a bird, it's a plane, nope, it is just a wild saw blade on the loose. A home security camera captured video of a 3-foot blade tearing down the homeowners yard after a construction worker started up the saw he uses to cut into the street and the blade somehow came loose.

I am sure the homeowners were thankful for the free lawn edging, but the neighbors were not pleased when they found a 3-foot gash in the side of their house. After the construction worker found that nobody had seen his little mishap, he retrieved the saw blade, reattached it, and continued his work without letting anyone know about the problem.

This is just another example of saw blades coming loose likely because the blade was not installed correctly. When working with any saw, it is always best to check the saw blade at the beginning of each work day. A simple 10 second check could save your life or one of your co-workers. Video after Read More.

Via - NewsNet5