Rockwell JawStand: Little Bro To The JawHorse

Rockwell JawStand: Little Bro To The JawHorse

Chris   August 12, 2010  
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If you thought the Rockwell JawHorse was handy, you might get a kick out the of the new Rockwell JawStand (RK9033). Like the JawHorse, the JawStand acts as an extra set of hands when the ones you have are just not enough, but it also does a bit more. The JawStand works as both a clamp and as a material stand. There is also the obvious smaller size compared to the JawHorse.

The compact JawStand features a clamping jaw with a stated clamping range of of 0” - 1-1/4 1-3/4”. Though I am a bit confused because the photo shows what appears to be a clamped 2”x4”. We will just assume the pictured 2”x4” was ripped down to fit inside the jaws and move on. The clamping jaw also has the ability to swivel a full 360° and tilt 90° to handle clamping in horizontal, vertical, and everything in between. You don't have to worry about marring or scratching your materials, because Rockwell was cleaver enough to add a rubber surface on the inside of the clamping jaw.

Update: It pays to question things. It turns out the JawStand can indeed hold materials up to 1-3/4" which includes 2x*.

The other aspect of the JawStand, is the stand itself. If you have ever had to cut long materials at the miter saw or the table saw, you know what a lifesaver a material stand can be. Keeping control of the material, keeps you working safe. The height of the stand is adjustable from 25” up to 41” to accommodate a number of working conditions, and even has a measuring scale to help you get the correct height on the first try. The top surface of the stand is adorned with two low-friction slides and a built in bubble to help keep you on the level. The JawStand weights in at just over 13lbs, but can support loads of up to 220lbs.

If you ask me, the JawStand looks like it would be more handy then the JawHorse. I just wish it had a couple more inches of clamping width. At $69.99, it is no more expensive then a good quality roller stand. But why buy a unitasker, when you can get a multitasker? Keep a lookout for the Rockwell JawStand on [:cicn:] Amazon - RockwellToolsDirect or