Rockler’s Mixing Mate Now Available In A Gallon Size

Rockler’s Mixing Mate Now Available In A Gallon Size Hot
Chris   January 18, 2013  
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Rockler Mixing Mate

Do you remember the Mixing Mate that Rockler came out with last summer? It fit onto a regular quart-sized paint can and promised a no-hassle way for users to store, mix, and pour their paints and finishes. It must have been successful because Rockler has now come out with a gallon-sized version.

The Mixing Mate has been designed to be a full-on replacement to the lids that come with your paint can. Like the original model, the gallon-size version attaches to the can with cam locks that compress to make a tight seal. Cranking the handle at the top turns auger-like paddle that they say can mix a full can of paint in about 30 seconds. When you are ready to start you can pour directly from the Mixing Mate with a maple syrup-like spring loaded spout. They say you can even store the can with the Mixing Mate attached without worry of your finish going bad, or you can remove it, clean it and take to your next can.

The gallon-size Mixing Mate retails for $19.99 and is available at Rockler. The original quart-size retails for $14.99

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Rockler Mixing Mate

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