Ridgid 12V JobMax With Swappable Heads

Ridgid 12V JobMax With Swappable Heads

Chris   February 16, 2010  
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Typically you would have to be up late at night, watching corny infomercials, to see a cordless tool that makes use of swappable heads. I know this, during my insomniatic nights I have seen such a tool. However the new JobMax line from Ridgid actually looks promising.

The JobMax makes use of Ridgid's existing 12V Lithium-ion battery, but in a completely new form factor that allows for the use of multiple heads. The concept is nothing new, but in the past you were limited on the amount of tool heads. Now that some patents have been freed up, as well as advancements in technology, Ridgid is able to bring a total of 5 different swappable heads to the line.

As of now Ridgid lists two JobMax Combo Kits. The first kit (#R99234) comes with the JobMax body with two heads: the Auto-Hammer head and the Oscillating Multi-Tool head. The same kit also includes a standard 12V drill. The second kit (#R82234) comes with the JobMax body and three heads: a Right Angle Impact Driver, a Right Angle Drill, and a 3/8” Ratchet Head. Surprisingly there is no kit with all five heads included.

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