Racor SecureHold Storage Solution For Long Handled Tools

Racor SecureHold Storage Solution For Long Handled Tools

Chris   August 17, 2012  
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Racor SecureHold tool hook

I really like to write about products that can help you be more organized, and this has a lot to do with how unorganized I can be. I know I am not the only one out there that has a row of long handled tools leaning up against the garage. Racor has come out with a new tool hook that they say is better and safer than the traditional tool hook.

There are a ton of options available that let you hang your tools on a wall, so what sets the Racor SecureHold apart? The name itself might give you a hint. The SecureHold doesn't just keep your tools off the ground, it has been designed to actually hold them securely in place. The SecureHold is constructed out of steel and features a spring-like retention feature and a deep v-grove that can hold and prevent your tools from accidentally falling off if bumped. This can save your car from unwanted dents and save your children from unwanted bruises.

You can get the SecureHold in one of three options; for a single tool, one that is two tools deep, and one that can hold three tools deep. Each SecureHold is rated to hold up to 65-pounds and are advertised as being 35% stronger than traditional tool hooks. You will be able to find the SecureHold in stores this September at between $6 and $12.

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