Preview: JuniorHAWK 16 Inch Scroll Saw

Preview: JuniorHAWK 16 Inch Scroll Saw

Chris   June 22, 2010  
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A little over a year ago it was announced that RBI Hawk would be closing their doors. It is always sad when a small company goes out of business, especially a company that makes their products here in the USA. Not only do we lose an American company, but it puts a lot of people out of work. However, there is good news. Just when people in the scroll saw communities were feeling low, in swoops Bushton Manufacturing to save the day. It didn't take long for Bushton to pick up where RBI left off, and bring peace back to the world of scroll sawing.

Bushton has been rolling out replacement parts, and existing HAWK scroll saw models for some time now, but now we have our first look at a brand new Bushton designed scroll saw. The JuniorHAWK has a 16” cutting capacity which is smaller then most professional scroll saws, but this small size keeps the weight down to only 35 pounds. Jr. is truly a portable saw and should please many a traveling scroller.

The JuniorHAWK is expected to sell for $850. The price might seem high, but HAWK scroll saws are extremely well built tools that are made almost entirely out of aluminum. I own a HAWK saw myself; I just need to get around to ordering some replacement parts.

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