PPR011 Plunge Base For Bosch Colt Routers Hits Stores This Month

PPR011 Plunge Base For Bosch Colt Routers Hits Stores This Month

Chris   October 08, 2012  
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Bosch PR20EVSPK PR011 plunge- router

More than seven years ago Bosch released their Colt Palm Router; and who knew that all these years later it would be the router of choice by many tradesmen for light duty work. And while the Colt was good for light duty work, people always wanted more out if it. Now with the introduction of the PR011 Plunge Base, Bosch as given its tool all kinds of new possibilities.

The PR011 is a true plunge router base that has all of the functionality you would expect in a true plunge router. It can easily switch from its fixed base and attach to the new plunge base with its quick release tool-less connection. To begin plunging, the plunge lock lever is located near the left handle easily within reach and is spring loaded to return to the lock position. 5 preset depth stops along with 2 users adjustable stops are sure to cover all the common uses of a plunge base. Unlike other plunge bases, Bosch chose to use a completely round sub-base that features a precision centering design. The round base does make it easier to follow a straight edge no matter how you hold the router, but if the base does go out of center you will have issues.

You can pick up the PR011 Plunge Base to go with your own Bosch Colt Router for between $89-$99 later this month. If you don't own a Colt router you can buy the PR20EVSPK kit which includes
a Colt router, fixed base, plunge base, 10-millimeter shaft wrench, 17-millimeter collet wrench, PR002 Straight Edge Guide and a carrying case.

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