Powered Belt Takes 120V On The Go

Powered Belt Takes 120V On The Go

Chris   May 19, 2010  
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Cordless tools are great, for the main reason that they are cordless and can be taken almost anywhere. But not all tools are cordless; sometime we need to use a corded tool, but we are nowhere near a power source. If only there was a way to take that 120 volts needed to power our corded tools with us in a small, portable, easy to transport, form factor.

That is just the idea behind the Personal Power Buddie. It is 120 volts AC of to-go power that comes in the form of a wearable belt. Using up to 40 amp hours of battery packs and a power inverter, the Personal Power Buddie can provide hours of power to many corded tools that otherwise could not be used on the go. According to The Hardware Aisle blog, the basic kit would cost $199, with additional battery packs and chargers being sold separately.

New Creative Concepts via The Hardware Aisle