Power Tools Get Fast And Furious

Power Tools Get Fast And Furious

Chris   July 15, 2010  
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It is almost time for the 2nd Annual Power Tool Drag Races taking place in Columbus Ohio. I have never been to any of these races myself, but from the videos I have seen, they sure do look like fun. Think of it as pinewood derby races but for adults, and with more power. The Races will feature two classes: Stock (Single engine. Limited mods. Built on own) , and Top Fuel (Multi-motor. Open mods. Built on own).

The Race will take place on Saturday August 21st 2010. Registration to enter is $25, and the Fans get to watch for free. Our friends over at Ohio Power Tool will be sponsoring a number of prizes at the event. Looks like it will be a fun day for all. I don't know if there will be any tailgate BBQ's, but what kind of sporting event would it be without them?

For more information and complete rules, visit PTDRC