Porter-Cable not what it used to be?

Porter-Cable not what it used to be?

Chris   November 05, 2008  
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News from the Popular Woodworking Blog comes as a bit of a shock.

When PC Vice-President Dan Gregory said DeWalt tools were their professional-line tools, I was astounded, as were others. He explained that PC is attempting to position these tools for tradesman – an area of the market that PC feels is full of value-conscientious, value-driven buyers. PC is being sandwiched between Black & Decker (at the low end) and DeWalt (the high end). I’ve always thought my Porter-Cable routers and PC sanders were better than the DeWalt counterparts. - New Tools from Porter Cable

This comes as a shock to me too. Porter-Cable used to make really high quality, well built tools, and to hear that their name is going to be second to DeWalt is just weird. I was far more likely to buy a Porter Cable circular saw, or sander over DeWalt up until this news. Maybe this means DeWalt will start making higher quality tools. Does this mean Norm Abram is going to be using second rate tools on the New Yankee Workshop?

What do you think?