Porter-Cable Launches PCC583B 18 Volt Cordless Tire Inflator

Porter-Cable Launches PCC583B 18 Volt Cordless Tire Inflator

Chris   October 28, 2011  
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Jobsites are full of many hazards, and one of those hazards could be waiting to find a home in your truck tire. I am talking about a single nail or screw that has fallen out of someones toolbag or a dropped screw box, something so small that can ruin your day if it ends up in the wrong place. If you are lucky you end up with only a slow leak and have a way to inflate your tire.

Porter-Cable has announced a new High-Pressure/High-Volume Inflator that can not only run off of a standard vehicle 12-volt outlet, but can also go cordless and run off an 18-volt Porter-Cable slide-style battery if the 10-foot DC power cord is not long enough for you. The PCC583B Inflator offers a high-pressure option that delivers up to 120 psi if pressure, ideal for inflating tire and such, and a high-volume option that can inflate/deflate larger items at a low PSI; think air mattress.

Another nice feature is the automatic shut-off function that can be set to shut off the inflator when it reaches the desired pressure. This is a nice feature that should make inflating your car tires a lot easier. All of the reading on the PCC583B are done on an LCD that can also be used to check the pressure reading on already inflated items.

The PCC583B will be available in November and is expected to retail for $49.97

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