Pelican Remote Area Lighting System

Pelican Remote Area Lighting System

Chris   April 01, 2009  
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Pelican RALSPelican makes ultra tough cases as well as ultra tough flashlights, now Pelican has cool ultra tough Remote Area Lighting Systems, or RALS for short.

The 9450B Remote Area Lighting System combines our tough 1510 Case with 16 x 1 watt LEDs mounted in an aluminum heat sink. All items are stored inside the case and assemble in minutes. The aluminum pole extends to a height of 83" to provide 1280 lumens of light for any area. The rechargeable battery has 9 hours of life at maximum output tailing off to low light level at hour 17. The diffuser (included) can be mounted to change the beam from a focused spot to a diffused beam.

The 9450B weights 46 lbs which isn't exactly light weight, but it does offer quite a bit of portability considering the 9 hour run time at maximum. This definitely isn't something your everyday user could afford at around $800, but it does show you what the current technology is capable of, and where it is heading.