Outlaw - The World’s Best Deck Screw?

Outlaw - The World’s Best Deck Screw?
Chris   October 14, 2013  
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Outlaw - The World’s Best Deck Screw?

You know what it's like to get calls from telemarketer's trying to sell you everything from life insurance to carpet cleaning products, and all you can do is wonder how your name got on their list? Well, that is what my email inbox looks like, and that is just emails about new Kickstarter projects. And while many of the projects that are seeking funding are cool, most would not fit into the Tool category. But every once in a while I get an email about a new product, it falls into the tool category, and it is not lame; today that product is a new screw named "Outlaw" and it is trying to start a revolution.

Here in the U.S. we know a thing or two about revolutions, but when it comes to screws, we are still basically stuck with old, outdated technology that often times leads to stripped screws. To makes things worse, our tools are becoming more and more powerful, making it even easier to overpower the grip of our standard screws and bits. Outlaw Screws has taken it upon themselves to give us a better screw and a better way to drive them with their UniGrip driver system.

While the Outlaw deck screw touts features like a self-drilling tip, self-counter sinking head, no deck board jacking, and no need for bit changes, it is the UniGrip drive system that has me the most impressed. Sure those other features are great, but they are not completely unique to deck screws; but the UniGrip drive system is something we have not seen before.

UniGrip is a new one-size-fits-all bit that has been designed to work with screws of all sizes. While there are 3 different sizes of square drive bits, or 6 Philips, there is only one sized UniGrip. What else does the UniGrip offer? How about no more stripped screws, no more dropped screws, and no more screw wobble. The bit features a unique tiered-hexagonal design that fits so well with the Outlaw screw that not only will a screw not fall off of the non-magnetic bit, but a screw gun will not fall off of an installed screw.

As mentioned, the Outlaw deck screw is a Kickstarter project that is in need of funding. As of writing this they are 66% on their way to their $100,000 goal, with 16 days remaining. While you can pledge any amount, it will take $25 or more to get a 1 lb box of Outlaw Deck Screws, a UniGrip bit, and more. They also have other pledge options at other price points, like 20 lbs. for $109, or a custom deck for $5,000. Here is to hoping they succeed.

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