Organized? Lift-n-LOK might help.

Organized? Lift-n-LOK might help.

Chris   June 21, 2008  
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The Lift-n-LOK is the type of thing I like to see. Small family companies building functional products, made in the USA.


It is a little too late for Fathers day, but this would sure make a great gift for just about anyone. From birthdays to Mothers day. Just be sure that if you get one, review it here.

The Lift-n-LOK looks like the best tool/fastener organization system I have seen in a long time. The only thing I would like to see, is more sizes, and some available with wheels and luggage style handle. This would make it more portable for jobsite work.

If PDY Systems would like to send me a free demo, I would be happy to do a full review. :)