Organization From Shop To Jobsite

Organization From Shop To Jobsite

Chris   September 11, 2009  
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One problem many of us face is tool organization. It takes so many tools to get the job done right, that sometimes they are hard to keep track of. One of the reasons for disorganization could be because of using your "work" tools at home, or using the same tools to go from building in your shop, to installing on the jobsite. If you are not completely organized, you could leave an important tool behind, which could be very costly.

thumb_l-boxx45_carpenter01I would like to introduce Sortimo, a 40 year old European company that makes just about everything you would need for the ultimate in tool organization. They just recently made there way over to the US, to hopefully bring organization to America. What I like about Sortimo is they offer a complete solution to storage and organization for both the home/business, as well as storage solutions for vehicles of all types. The recent addition of their L-BOXX (similar to the Festool Systainer) has added another solution that can be used at home, transported with their vehicles storage system, and used on the job. Sortimo has also partnered with Ford to offer the Sortimo storage system to the latest Ford Transit Connect Van.

By using a single storage system, breaking down your tool organization by categories, and labeling all of your tool boxes - you can take what you need, leave what you don't, and be sure to have all of your tools when you get home. Unfortunately Sortimo is still relatively new to the US, so there is no place to but their products online. The easiest way to get what you need would be to contact their US HQ and order directly from them. For vehicle storage solutions, they have a number of disturbers across the US, check this map for the dealer nearest you. Video after Read More

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