One moves to China, another takes its place

One moves to China, another takes its place

Chris   November 22, 2008  
0   0 broke a very interesting story the other day.

As some of you may know, Irwin Tools bought Vise-Grip some time ago. It is always sad to see a little company get bought up by the big boys because you always know that things will never be the same again. As is the case with Vise-Grip, when Irwin decided to close up shop in DeWitt, Nebraska, and move the production to China.

Fortunately for some of the 330 former employees of the DeWitt factory this story has a happy ending, and it could not have come at a better time. ToolCrib has reported that Nail Jack Tools has entered into an agreement to purchase the Vise-Grip factory. Thank God for companies that still see the benefits of keeping factories here in the States. After all, if people don't have work, how can they make money to buy products? I guess some companies don't understand this.

So who is Nail Jack Tools? They manufacture the Nail Jack, and the Nail Hunter, some very innovative nail-removing pliers, something that is beneficial to all trades in the building industry. This past week alone I have had to remove a couple hundred staples, and I was wishing I had a better tool to do the job.

Nail Jack Tools is proud to present the Nail Jack and Nail Hunter brand nail pullers. These two models are the first hand tools ever designed solely for the purpose of digging, gripping and extracting fasteners such as nails, staples or brads.

Both the Nail Jack and Nail Hunter are very reasonably priced at under $30, and are available for order at Allow 4-6 weeks for shipping. Small companies like Nail Jack need time to build the tools and fill your orders.

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