Occidental Leather Debuts The Ultimate Tool Bag

Occidental Leather Debuts The Ultimate Tool Bag

Chris   November 11, 2010  
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If you thought the tool bags from Veto were cool, you will probably love the new Dr. Wood bag from Occidental Leather. If you don't like the price of the Veto bags, you will absolutely hate the price of the Dr. Wood, at over $450. But lets take a look at the Dr. Wood, maybe its worth is hiding inside.

First off, like all Occidental Leather bags, it is made in the USA. So if the other high end bags are priced in the $200 range and are made in China, the price for the Dr. Wood isn't far off. To make the bag strong, Oxy uses a cold rolled steel frame that is formed by hand. The bottom of the bag uses super strong high-density thermoformed polyethylene, and the sides and main body of the bag are made of padded 1050 denier ballistic nylon. You will also notice the trademark leather used as reinforcements and spiffy looking accents.


Oxy touts the bags as having a home for every conceivable tool used by a contractor. While that might be a stretch, the bag does have a total of 88 pockets and holders, and can probably hold every hand tool one would need on a job. The problem, the bag weighs 15 and a half pounds empty. Imagine how much it would weigh when all 88 pockets are filled up.

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